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THEODORE ROOSEVELT Color Cover & Galveston TX HURRICANE w/ Photos 1900 Magazine

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Offered is an original, historic, & collectible old newspaper: HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 29, 1900 * Teddy Roosevelt * Galveston, Texas hurricane Certainly the best feature of this issue is the nice full front page print (in two colors) captioned: "Theodore Roosevelt" which is very nice for display, and from just after his successes in the Spanish-American War. Also within this issue are photos of the "Hurricane at Galveston" "The Strike of the Pennsylvania Coal Miners" and other prints & photos. The doublepage centerfold is a political satire of William J. Bryan as William Tell. Complete in 24 pages, very nice condition.

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The Great GALVESTON TX Texas Gulf Coast HURRICANE Disaster PRINTS 1900 Newspaper

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Shown is an original & historic old newspaper, offered to enhance your collectible interest: THE EVENING NEWS, Detroit, Sept. 19, 1900 * Galveston, Texas hurricane disaster The top of page 2 has a two column heading: "Miss Clara Barton Stricken While Ministering in Galveston" with illustration of her. (see) Page 3 has a three column print with heading: "A Miracle Of the Galveston Storm" (see) This Galveston hurricane was the deadliest in United States history with an estimated 6,000-12,000 deaths (see Wikipedia). Ten pages, light toning with some wear at the margins, should be handled with care.

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