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United States Yacht RANGER Wins Sailing Auld Mug AMERICA'S CUP 1937 Newspaper

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Offered is an original, historic, & collectible old newspaper: THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass., August 6, 1937 * U.S. Yacht Ranger vs. Endeavour II * America's Cup victory at Newport RI The front page has a two column heading: "Ranger Defeats Endeavour Fourth Time in Succession And Keeps Cup in U. S." with subhead and photo. (see). Complete with all 32 pages, light toning and minor wear at the margins, generally nice.

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Historic Yacht "AMERICA" 1st America's Cup Construction PRINT 1851 Old Newspaper

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Offered is an original, historic, & collectible old newspaper: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, March 15, 1851 * 1st America's Cup close * Construction of yacht "America" The front page contains what is perhaps the earliest print of the American yacht named "America" to be found, captioned: "Yacht Building at New York to Compete with the English Yachts at Cowes". At this early point in its construction it was yet to be named, but it would be called the 'America', the namesake of the famous America's Cup race. Reference to this illustration is made in the August 9 issue, in which it is called the 'America'. There is a related article on page 2 titled: "New American Yacht" which notes in part: "...Her construction is on a novel principle...This is an original & spirited unde... See More  

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THOMAS LIPTON Ulster-Scots Tea Founder & Noted Yachtsman DEATH 1931 Newspaper

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Shown is an original & historic old newspaper, offered to enhance your collectible interest: THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, October 3, 1931 * Sir Thomas Lipton death (1st report) * Tea founder & America's Cup enthusiast Near the bottom of the front page is a two column heading: "Sir Thomas Lipton, 81, Noted Yachtsman, Dies" with subhead. (see) Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 20 pages, light toning, some spine wear, otherwise good.

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