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Rare DRESS PATTERNS Insert 1868 Women's FASHION Prints Harpers Bazar Newspaper

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Offered is an original, historic, & collectible old newspaper: HARPER'S BAZAR, New York, Aug. 8, 1868 * Victorian fashions * Dress pattern "Supplement" included! This is the famous fashion periodical subtitled: "A Repository of Fashion, Pleasure, and Instruction" from the successful publishing house of Harper Brothers. It is the oldest continuously published fashion magazine in the world having begun in 1867. The early issues offered elegantly handy hints on living & dressing well, covering everything from the avant-garde to running a country home. There is a wealth of fashion-themed prints with this issue, with text as well (see). Of particular rarity is the large foldout dress pattern included with this issue. Since it was simply loose and not bound in, these patterns are al... See More  

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